måndag 26 mars 2012

o0o Inspiration

Spring and everything

Sorry for not updating on how my colouringexperiment went if anyone was waiting patiently for that. I can tell you it was so much fun! So I'll definetly do this again. Only tiny problem was the smell so I'd like to try doing it outside next time. This is how it went.

 These are the lichens that I used for colouring the yarn. I picked them off of treebranches that was laying around in the forest where I live.
 And this is how it turned out. The darkgrey got a hint of mossgreen in it and the lighter yarn became pale golden mustard
This is one of the new projects that I've made using the Lichen-coloured yarns. Wonder what it will be ..

torsdag 1 mars 2012

o0o Colours of nature

Spring has finally arrived in Sweden and much of my time goes into taking care of the garden and especially the kitchen garden. I just love to grow organic and then being able to eat all these goodies all summer and hopefully all year around. Pesticide and GMO free JEI!

I've also started reading about colouring with plants and such and today I've started an experiment with lichens that I've picked from the ground in the forests nearby.
They are currently boiling at the stove and will do so for 2-3 hours. Then I'm suppose to put the washed wool yarn in and boil for another hour or more until the colour I want is there. And then I'll probably leave it there over night for extra durable and intense colour. 

I'm so exited and curious. Result will be shown tomorrow. Hopefully from now on I'll be working with my own plant died yarn. JEI!

Wish you all a great evening!