tisdag 13 september 2011

o0o Goddess Kali came into town

 I'm mad today. I'm angry. But at least I know why. Sometimes it's good. Someone needs to be angry sometime to make things change. (And if someone is scared of a little Kali ...well..)
 Today I'd like to change this opression of women. I was looking around at Free Peoples homepage yesterday. I guess you call this Bohemian chic style. Which I love BUT. The pantsizes went from 24! to 32. How many do you jknow that has 24 in waist? My smallest I've crawled into I think is 27, when I was 14 and homeless for a while. Now I fit in a 30 and is very pleased with that. But what should I think when the size just above me is the biggest in the whole store. Should I cut off my hipbone to fit. To be a real glamorous hippie? Naaaw I don't think so. Thank goddes I'm almost thirty and know my own worth. 

And I think this shows me a bit on what I want to work with, I want to have a place where young women can come and learn creative stuff so they build another world that doesn't evolve around just men and looks, that gives them a protective enviroment. A loving female enviroment far away from shops and magazines. I want to be a different rolemodel I want to find my own strength, give what I didn't have then. Maybe at least stop one little girl from letting her get sexually assaulted just to get some attention. 
This is a big part of why I choose not to shave myself at the moment.. or have been for the last 3- 4 years. because once you start to change the way you look just to fit in a template of how a "real " woman should be like. (According to media and other  indoctrinated people) of how a beautiful girl looks like (and acts like ) than it easily moves on to something else, something more. And I guess we all have responibility as women, for the young girls looking at us. Just like Kim Kardasian is out there showing it's ok to be proud of your big badonkatrunk I want to be out there saying it's ok to have 30 waist in jeans. It is ok to not shave. You are still being loved and thought of as sexy. I feel a responsibility to show them that this is how women look, this is natural, this is real. It was really hard in Turkey but I fucking did it and I feel so strong now. And fucking proud. I can live without a man so if he doesn't like it then he can go screw someone else. 

How do you feel about this? Is it up to us to be rolemodels? Is it even wrong to encourage girls to be thin.. what do you think?

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  1. I think that everybody should take their own responsibility to be a rolemodel, if you shave or not, beeing size smal or large, put on makeup or not, wear high heels or not. Be you and be it good. And please dare to be unique. And with this I absolutely don't mean that you should follow "the fashion rules"

  2. Yeha that shows it's ok to be unique and there will always be someone to love just that about you :) Thanks for sharing Paulina :)


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